Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the wheels go round and round

Just when you think you may be getting it all together, life throws a curveball.

With one Inn already on my plate to run, a new Inn being renovated and coming online, taking some Accounting classes, getting officially certified as an Event and Wedding Planner, gearing up to reactivate my Real Estate license, I suddenly find myself back on my own when my on again, then off again marriage was suddenly off for good.

Ahh decision making time. Am I going to drown in the sadness that enveloped me and almost engulfed me the last time, or am I going to face reality and put my life back together in the most positive, productive way possible? My vote is for positive!

And some who know me will say, "Girl, isn't three blogs enough?" Maybe, but this one is all about keeping track of the day to day. A little about business, a little about marketing, a little about a new life, and probably a little about what's for dinner. After all, some of my favorite things are creating food, talking about food and writing about food.

Gentlemen, start your engines!